Posude, Mobile transactions; captured & integrated.

Mobile transactions; captured and integrated

Don’t let your business waste time on manual data entry – instead, use real-time, automatic, mobile transactions. Let Posude seamlessly integrate with your accounting system to save you time and money.

Posude, Mobile transactions; captured & integrated.

Posude Software

Rapid Van

Your van drivers can make instant, live orders with our mobile app

Rapid Stock

Use this mobile app for faster, more accurate stock taking

Rapid Shopify

Sync your products and images to your online store automatically


Sales reps can buy & sell anywhere, anytime, without manual entry

Rapid Reporting

Produce instant, detailed reports on your company’s sales data

Posude Rapid Van App

Rapid Van

If your van drivers are currently taking orders on paper, this app is for you. Don’t waste time manually writing everything down, then entering it later into your Intact-iQ system. Use Rapid Van to take and process your orders live in the field.

Posude Rapid Stock App

Rapid Stock

Stocktaking can be a huge headache, but it doesn’t have to be. With Rapid Stock, you can easily scan your products. Enter your stocktake into your phone and it will sync automatically into your Intact system.

Posude Rapid Stock App
Posude Rapid Shopify App

Rapid Shopify

Without our app, you need to manually upload products and images to your online store, taking around 90 seconds per product. Why do that when it could be automatic? Let Rapid Shopify do it for you.

Pepperi App - Powered by Posude


If you have sales reps who take orders in the field, you need Pepperi. It allows you to directly sync orders, without manual entry later on into your Intact system. Have access to accurate quantities, discounts and customer order history, all while on the go.

Pepperi App - Powered by Posude
Posude Rapid Reporting App

Rapid Reporting

Create a report from any Intact sales data you want in a matter of seconds. Forget about wasting time gathering your information. Let Rapid Reporting do it for you.

Who uses our Software?

Builders & Homeware Providers

Posude’s suite of mobile applications is an ideal solution for businesses in the Builders and Homeware Providers Sector. Our applications have been adopted by some of Ireland’s leading Homeware Provider brands.

Product Distributors

Posude’s full suite of mobile applications provides powerful solutions to drive sales efficiency, streamline business processes and optimise sales reporting for product distributors.

Delivery Teams

If you deliver goods, Posude’s range of mobile applications will help you maximise your efficiency, increase sales and utilise every aspect of your business.


McNulty's Furniture - Posude Clients
The Pepperi integration with Intact has saved the business 20 hours weekly – now that we don’t have to process the reps’ sales orders manually.
Paul McCarty - Financial Controller, McNulty Furniture
HPC - Posude Clients

Now that the managers have Rapid Reporting at their disposal, they wouldn’t be without it. Low margins or a drop off in sales at branch, category, customer or sales rep level can be identified quickly and addressed to reduce the impact. All of this contributes to an increase in sales and margin.

Damien O'Grady - IT Director, HPC Sales
BW Hardware - Posude Clients

Thanks to Posude’s Pepperi App, BW Hardware Ltd sales increased by 20%. Their input has been invaluable to us.

Derek Byrne - Sales Director, BW Hardware

Easily Integrated, Quick Set-Up

Posude specialises in capturing and importing mobile transactions. This integration will ensure your processes run smoothly and efficiently. The apps can be set up in days.

Let Posude help you better your business and increase your profit.

Our Team

Kyle McLoughlin - Posude

Kyle McLoughlin
Founder & CEO

Cassandra Battles - Posude

Cassandra Battles

Kevin Purcell - Posude

Kevin Purcell
Software Engineer

Eric Sjue - Posude

Eric Sjue
UX/UI Designer

David Gallagher - Posude

David Gallagher
Mobile Software Engineer

Orla Carty - Posude

Orla Carty
Marketing Specialist

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