Availability Platforms

Matching Employers with Available Candidates.

Matching Employers with Available Candidates.

Candidates manage their availability, employers search...

Posudes availability platforms allow candidates to update their availability status so employers can match available and suitable individuals to open positions.

SubTeacher.ie Availability Platform


SubTeacher.ie Availability Platform

SubTeacher.ie connects post-primary school principals with qualified teachers available to fill substitute teaching positions

Visit IPU Pharmacist Link website


SubTeacher.ie Availability Platform

IPUPharmacistlink.ie connects Pharmacies with locums available to fill short term positions.


  • Candidate Profile - build your online profile for employers to view.

  • Candidate Availability - allows candidates to update their availability on a daily/weekly basis.

  • Employer Search - search for available candidates and view all their information in one place.

  • Easy to use - user friendly and easy to use system. Employers can create, search and offer a position to a candidate within 3 clicks.

  • Information in one place - all relevant information, including experience, is displayed in one place.

  • Time saving - all the above benefits combined, add up to significant time savings for Employers.

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