McNulty’s Furniture & Posude's Rapid Reporting App

McNulty’s Furniture & Rapid Reporting

“Rapid Reporting provided the business with crucial daily reporting. It really helped us through the pandemic.”

HPC Sales & Rapid Reporting App

HPC Sales & Rapid Reporting

“Now that the managers have Rapid Reporting at their disposal, they wouldn’t be without it.”

McNulty’s Furniture & Pepperi App

McNulty’s Furniture & Pepperi

“Pepperi integration with Intact has saved the business probably 20 hours of processing the reps’ sales orders every week.”

McNulty’s Furniture & Pepperi App

Beattys & Rapid Shopify

Posude’s Rapid Shopify Intact iQ App setup was quick and the processes easy to learn. We would recommend it to any other small Irish business looking to improve their online shop.”

McNulty’s Furniture & Pepperi App

BW Hardware Ltd. & Pepperi

“Thanks to Posude’s Pepperi App, BW Hardware Ltd sales increased by 20%. Their input has been invaluable to us.”

McNulty’s Furniture & Pepperi App

Strahan & Pepperi

Now that we have Pepperi, we absolutely could not go back. The benefits have been enormous.”

McNulty’s Furniture & Pepperi App

Belview Eggs & Rapid Van

“Posude’s Rapid Van app completely changed our delivery processes for the better.”