The need for more effective sales ordering processes for van delivery drivers

Belview Eggs, as a distribution business, have their van delivery drivers taking orders daily. But they were using an old system, which was incredibly slow and needed upgrading.

The Company

Belview Eggs is a family-run business that was established in 1978. It’s grown from 5,000 hens to 340,000 over the last 43 years. They are a market leader in their industry due to their advances in technology and sustainability.

The Problem

Belview Eggs recognized that the sales ordering processes their van drivers were undertaking weren’t meeting the needs of the company. Drivers were taking sales orders while they were delivering goods, but it was a messy process with the old software.

Belview Eggs – Rapid Van

The Solution

Posude knew that Rapid Van was the perfect solution for Belview Eggs. It was integrated with their Intact software so that their delivery drivers could take live orders, syncing immediately with their system. 

Other key benefits of adopting the Rapid Van app, are that now the Belview Eggs delivery drivers can now take payments, capture customer signatures, print orders on the road, and create end of day reconciliation reports.

It is also linked to their traceability system Ovotrack which can trace each sale back to the date of lay and each separate hen house.

They can even set customer favourite products. When they click on a customer in the app, those products can appear. If someone wants to add anything last minute to an order, the driver doesn’t have to search for it – it’s right there to add in! It’s perfect for Belview Egg’s regular customers.

The Benefits

  • Seamless Integration – Now, any Belview eggs orders flow directly into their Intact software, along with the customer signature. There’s no manual keying in.
  • Improved Customer Relations – By having  route filtering, access to past orders and favourites, the drivers are catering more individually to each customer. They are receiving a personalised service.
  • Efficient Operations – Rapid Van enables the van drivers to do things quickly and easily. There’s less room for error and they are maximising their time. 
  • Increased Profit – Both of the above led to time-saving, lower costs and increased value.
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Posude’s Rapid Van app completely changed our delivery processes for the better. If you’re a distribution business and you’re not using this app, we would recommend it!”

Dermot Herlihy – Managing Director – Belview Eggs

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