The need for more automated ordering for sales reps

BW Hardware Ltd. were having problems with information flow from their team of sales reps, back into the office. Paper order forms, manual entry of data, and inaccurate sales reports were making the process slow and labour-intensive. We knew that the solution to their problems was installing two apps – Pepperi and Rapid Reporting.

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The Company

BW Hardware Ltd. supply architectural ironmongery and associated products to builder providers, hardware merchants, multiples and locksmiths. They are Ireland’s leading distributor in that field. 

BW Hardware Ltd. began 30 years ago and has established itself as one of the leading distributors for the supply of Architectural Ironmongery & Associated Products to the Builder Providers, Hardware Merchants, Multiples & Locksmiths. BW Hardware Ltd.’s strength is in its ability to adapt and find solutions for all our customers’ needs in an ever changing marketplace.

The Problem

BW Hardware had sales reps out in the field, who were taking information manually, which had to be then manually inputted into the system later. This was too slow and labour intensive for external and internal staff.

At the same time, they were struggling with managing their data and creating sales reports. Admin staff back in the office were entering information into their systems manually – and they were suffering for it. Valuable time was being wasted, and that time was costing money.

Pepperi is an all-in-one mobile commerce platform

The Solution

As the problem was twofold, the solution had to be as well.

Goodbye Paper Order Forms

By implementing Pepperi Sales Rep App, we completely removed their need for paper order forms. Pepperi is integrated with their Intact iQ system, so when they capture customers orders within the Pepperi app, it sends them automatically to their Intact system, the orders go straight through.

And that wasn’t all! These benefits happened because of Pepperi:

Customer Favourite Filters – Posude configured filters to allow reps to see customer favourites and regularly ordered items, saving time.

Customer Stop Buying Filters – Posude configured more filters to flag products a customer no longer ordered, giving reps the opportunity to understand the reasons why and to encourage customers to reorder.

Immediate Customer Quotes – the sales team could readily quote any potential order.

Immediate Customer Account Details – the sales team could access customer balance, contact information, last invoice date, aged analysis etc.

Lower Printer Costs – product details and images were transferred to Pepperi, meaning no more product sales brochures.

Accurate Sales Reporting

Next, Posude had to tackle the problem of data management and reports. We implemented the Rapid Reporting App. This was integrated with Intact iQ for seamless sales reporting. Now, management could see company sales information on all levels. They could drill down to the real detail behind the figures, and understand how to better the company. Instead of spending time finding out the data, they were using it to better business.

Customer-specific reports were also created for the sales team, within the app. This enabled them to see comparisons, margins and everything down to invoice-level.

The Benefits

Time – the BW Hardware team no longer have to create daily manual custom reports and the sales team no longer have to request and wait for these reports to be generated.

Transparency – Sales progress reports are clear, accurate and any gaps can be easily identified so that action plans can be put in place to rectify them.

Increased Sales – There is a greater understanding of sales progress across the whole organisation. Sales increased by 20% due to the addition of Pepperi.

McNultys Furniture, Roscommon

Thanks to Posude’s Pepperi App, BW Hardware Ltd sales increased by 20%. Their input has been invaluable to us.”

Derek Byrne Sales Director – BW Hardware Ltd.

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