The need for more accurate sales reports

HPC has multiple sales teams throughout Ireland. In order to understand their company performance more effectively, they needed the ability to pull real time sales reports whenever necessary. This is where Rapid Reporting came in. 

HPC Sales & Rapid Reporting App

The Company

HPC are one of Ireland’s largest Builders Merchant & DIY chains, with 16 branches across the country, each with their own sales team, branch manager and area manager.

The Problem

HPC is a sales driven organisation yet with their existing accountancy software, creating accurate, real time sales progress reports was proving extremely difficult. From each of the various sales and management staff, the IT team were being inundated with requests for ad hoc reports across the business to be created. Yet none of these reports could be real time or auto generated. It was manual, time consuming and often inaccurate as the reports were only accurate the minute they were pulled. 

HPC Sales & Rapid Reporting App

The Solution

Posude provided the solution. Within 4 weeks, we fully integrated our Rapid Reporting app with their accounting system. This allowed users across all levels of the organization to generate and save reports that matched their specific requirements, in real time. By using Rapid Reporting, HPC have the following benefits:

  • Sales managers now have access to the sales information for their team.
  • Branch managers can generate sales reports for their branch with their own KPIs.
  • Area managers can look at their sales reports by area, by branch and even drill down within a branch. 
  • Group management can access sales information across the group, by area or by single branch, giving them full access and flexibility to report what information they need when they need it; and 
  • All users can access  tabular, comparison and pivot reports (by product and by customer) giving a real time picture of sales information.
HPC Sales & Rapid Reporting App

“Now that the managers have Rapid Reporting at their disposal, they wouldn’t be without it. Low margins or a drop off in sales at branch, category, customer or sales rep level can be identified quickly and addressed to reduce the impact. All of this contributes to an increase in sales and margin!”

Damien O’Grady – I.T. Director – HPC Sales

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