The need for more automated ordering for sales reps

McNultys Furniture had their sales reps taking manual orders in the field, which later on needed to be input into the accounting system. This paper order process meant that these sales reps had no access to information about the customers they were selling to while on the move. Complicating things even further, McNultys have two separate companies for different products, each with their own separate ordering process.

They were wasting time and labour needlessly. Posude knew that the Pepperi app would be the perfect solution for McNultys.

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The Company

McNultys Furniture are a very successful Irish distributor. They sell furniture to over 200 shops across the country.

The Problem

McNultys were facing challenges with their sales and order processing, and as a result they were losing out on time and money.

Their field sales reps were capturing orders by handwriting them on paper, then calling them into the office. The admin team then had to manually enter them into their accountancy system, Intact vLine. This was a manual, labour-intensive and slow process.

While these sales reps were out in the field, they were blind to what was actually in stock in McNultys warehouses, which led to mistakes and order cancellations. Additionally, they couldn’t see customer-specific data, sales history, or contact details.

To make this order processing even more complicated, McNultys sell their products across their two separate companies – but to the same buyers. This manual order process left huge room for error, with mistakes that were a headache to fix.

Pepperi is an all-in-one mobile commerce platform

The Solution

Posude installed Pepperi app and fully integrated it with their Intact accounting system. This completely eliminated the manual entry that had been so cumbersome. Instead, reps just had to enter their order and it immediately transferred over to their system.

Pepperi also allows McNultys reps to view customer information. Now, they can see anything from last invoice – to current account balance – to basic contact details. They can completely tailor the customer experience.

Pepperi also allowed McNultys to challenge the two-company issue. Posude synced the app so that it automatically pushed the right product to the right company.

The sales reps now have access to live customer data, stock levels and a more streamlined ordering process. This enables them to deliver a more customer-centric sales delivery process, which keeps the customers happy while also driving sales.

The admin staff no longer have to manually enter each order and liaise back with customers when mistakes or out of stock items occur, saving them a substantial amount of time daily.

With Pepperi, both management and the sales reps can pull sales order reports directly from the app – they don’t have to wait each evening for any reports to be created by admin staff. All this information is live and accurate the moment it is pulled and only takes a second to create.

McNultys Furniture, Roscommon

“Pepperi integration with Intact has saved the business probably 20 hours of processing the reps’ sales orders every week.

“We also had an interesting challenge, whereby we need to have customer reference numbers at line level, rather than just purchase order numbers – due to the two companies. Posude showed their flexibility and ability to cope with new challenges by building a feature on Peppri that did exactly that. It was all combined with Intact.

“Posude’s flexible services have really helped to better our company.”

Paul McCarty Financial Controller – McNultys

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