The need for an efficient reports process

McNultys Furniture had a reporting system that was slow, inaccurate and did not meet the business’s needs. The Rapid Reporting App changed all this for McNultys, enabling them to create live, accurate business reports for both management and sales needs.

McNulty's Furniture - Posude Clients

The Company

McNultys Furniture are a very successful Irish distributor. They sell furniture to over 200 shops across the country.

The Problem

McNultys recognised that their reporting system just wasn’t meeting the needs of the company. Reports had to be manually generated from Intact, resulting in management not getting their reports quickly enough, and those they did get weren’t customised to have the precise info they required. Things were moving slowly, inefficiently and wasting money.

McNulty's Furniture - Posude Clients

The Solution

Posude installed the Rapid Reporting app. This was integrated with McNultys Intact vLine system so they could immediately generate reports on sales, profits and margins.

Now, the management team can create these reports ad-hoc. Anything they need to see – from customers, to sales region, to suppliers – can be created in seconds. They can also drill down into the detail of the reports, separating customers by product, by invoice, or by anything else they choose. Sales reports can be delivered to reps in the field, getting reports based on product and customer, directly into their inbox.

Posude also customised the app specifically for McNultys’ needs. They needed to export sales targets in particular, so that they could track them alongside the sales figures, and see if they were meeting their goals. We made sure that was exactly what they got. Another feature was also created to ensure the figures were sent out in an email to the relevant people each week.

With these changes, they gained the following benefits:

Time – the McNultys IT team no longer have to create custom reports daily and the sales team no longer have to request and wait for these reports to be generated

Transparency – Sales progress reports are clear, accurate and any gaps can be easily identified so that action plans can be put in place to rectify them.

Increased Sales – There is a greater understanding of sales progress across the whole organisation and this has led to an increase in overall sales and margins.

Rapid Reporting in Action

McNultys Furniture, Roscommon

“We have developed our suite of required reports within Rapid Reporting. When we do need ad-hoc information, it emails it to us. It’s user-friendly and produces quick, accurate reports.

“Post-Covid, we found that Rapid Reporting provided the business with crucial daily reporting. Cashflow was vital to the business, so each rep received an email of receipts from their customers week-to-date into their inbox each morning. This allowed the rep to see if their customers had paid and, if not, to know to get working on it. For management, the overall receipts week-to-date report each morning gave a vital update on cash receipts into the business so far.

“Posude and the Rapid Reporting app really helped us through the pandemic.”

Paul McCarty Financial Controller – McNultys

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