The need for a new ordering system

Strahan Timber Builder Providers were using an outdated system to create orders for 600 schools. It was taking 2-3 hours a day for them to get the orders manually processed back into their Intact accounting system. They needed help.

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The Company

Strahan Timber began furniture manufacturers circa 1776. Today they are timber, sheet materials importers and builders providers.

The Problem

Strahan was using a manual, inefficient process for taking orders. A customer would phone in their order, then a member of staff would write it into a diary and, finally, they would manually input it into their system. Some of the orders were over 8 pages long, with each item taking up a full line on the page. Later, every line had to be manually typed into the business system. It was completely eating up their time and resources. 

Stock levels were also a problem, as they were not updating automatically, and Strahan was selling things that had already run out of stock. Between this and the ordering process, staff were spending weekends in the office both monitoring stock and fixing issues. They needed to streamline the business. 

Pepperi is an all-in-one mobile commerce platform

The Solution

Posude’s Pepperi app helped Strahan to solve their problem and streamline their company so that it ran as smoothly as possible. Pepperi allows them to automatically take the orders, and the Posude Intact iQ integration brings the orders immediately back into their system. There’s no more paper, or hours of manual entry. Now their order is taken and then immediately transferred back in with a few clicks.

The Benefits

Time – Instead of spending countless hours of overtime in the office, Strahan can process and access the exact same information immediately. 2-3 hours are saved daily!

Accurate Stock – customers are no longer ordering things that have run out of stock, reducing problems and keeping them happier. 

Seamless Integration – Strahan formerly had difficult coding on their products, which made integrating another program with Intact very tricky. But Posude rose to the challenge and worked on it until it was solved, creating a seamless information flow from point of order right through.

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“Posude stick at a problem until it’s either solved, or they’re told to abandon it. We find them brilliant – they do anything to help you. Now that we have Pepperi, we absolutely could not go back. The benefits have been enormous.”

Liam Beattie IT/Markting School and Accounts Manager – Strahan Timber

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