The need for a new online shop

Strahan Timber Builder Providers were using an online shop that was outdated and cumbersome. The pricing and inventory levels were constantly off, disappointing customers and causing extra work for staff. They needed help to streamline the business.

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The Company

Strahan Timber began furniture manufacturers circa 1776. Today they are timber, sheet materials importers, and builders providers.

The Problem

The online shop that Strahan was using was outdated, and it couldn’t sync with their Intact Software. Products were sold that weren’t actually in stock, and prices were often wrong. Staff had to call up customers to explain the errors, often having to cancel orders and refund them. Customer care was suffering, sales were being refunded, and time was being wasted. 

Strahan also has a wide variation on the products themselves. As they sell timber, there are different sizes of each material. It meant that there was a heavy amount of manual work involved in setting up those products and in adjusting the quantities of stock. 

They needed a new way of operating.

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The Solution

First, Posude created a Shopify Store for Strahan. This was a much more user-friendly option and more efficient than their old store. 

The second step was to sync Shopify and their accounting software, Intact. This meant that data from Intact – inventory, pricing, product descriptions, and more – were automatically exported to Shopify. There was no need for manual entry anymore and everything on the site was accurate and live. 

The sync also allowed orders from Shopify to be imported automatically back into Intact. It even created invoices and labels in a few clicks. Everything was able to be accurately and easily managed. 

Due to the variations, Posude had to customize the integration for Strahan, adjusting to their precise needs. Each variation needed its own unique code. This took time and effort, but has had fantastic results and significantly improved operations for the company.

The Benefits

Increased Sales – Strahan’s sales have increased since the installation of Shopify and Rapid Shopify Intact. Prior, they were making 3-4 sales per day, with 1-2 having to be cancelled due to incorrect stock or pricing. Now, they have 10-11 orders a day. That’s a 400% increase!

Being able to have a pop-up on the home page has also been a great asset in increasing sales. When they have extra stock of something, they include a 2 for 1 offer pop-up on the homepage – a feature they were never able to configure before.

Time – Staff are no longer having to spend an hour or so a day ringing customers to apologise for out of stock orders. They also don’t have to manually create product information, or edit stock, pricing, or anything else on the website. They can manage it all from within Intact, with a few clicks.

The same goes for their invoices and their courier information. They can see instantly when an order has been collected by the courier and is out for delivery.

Better Customer Care – As stock is accurate now, customers are having their orders fulfilled instead of cancelled. The reputation of the company is better and maintaining loyalty.

McNultys Furniture, Roscommon

“Each customer is different in Strahan, with their own unique order. We needed a unique integration because of that. Rapid Shopify Intact has saved us so much time by allowing us to manage the store and these variations. Posude stick at a problem until it’s solved. They’ll help you in any way they can, and iron things out until they work”

Liam Beattie IT/Marketing School and Accounts Manager – Strahan Timber

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