The need for an efficient stock take

Every time Strahan Timber Builder Providers had to complete a stock take, they had to close their shop for a full day. They were using paper stock sheets and entering them into Excel. It was incredibly time-consuming, and often a small error could cause a huge mess. They needed a new method.

They decided to use our Rapid Stock app, which can plug-in to Intact iQ.

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The Company

Strahan Timber began furniture manufacturers circa 1776. Today they are timber, sheet materials importers, and builders providers.

The Problem

Strahan has thousands of products. When they were completing their full annual stock take, or smaller frequent stock takes, they were a headache to organise. They had to manually create stock sheets for each product and print them out.

Strahan had to close for a full day while staff manually completed the stock take. Management had to resolve any errors manually and update the final stock take line by line.

This process was very time-consuming and any errors caused larger problems. It was inefficient and Strahan knew they needed a new method.

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The Solution

We installed our Rapid Stock app for Strahan, integrating it into their Intact iQ system.

The Process

  • Strahan’s products were uploaded into the Rapid Stock app.

  • Staff now scan items directly using mobile devices. They work offline as all product information is readily available in the app.

  • Once finished, the stock take is uploaded into Intact iQ.

  • A pre-adjustment file shows any stock adjustments that will be created. This accounts for any stock movements during the stock take, ie. an item selling.

  • Management check the pre-adjustment file for any errors.

  • The stock adjustments are generated within Intact and the stock take is complete.

The Benefits

Efficiency – The shop no longer has to close, as all stock movements are accounted for with Rapid Stock. The entire process is streamlined and efficient.

Ability to work offline – Rapid Stock can still be used without Wi-Fi so there is no problems with scanning out in the yard or warehouse.

Time – There is no stock take preparation or printing of stock sheets etc. Scanning directly into the app also eliminates manual entry.

Reduced Error – Due to eliminating manual entry, mistakes have decreased. Any errors that are spotted can be quickly resolved.

McNultys Furniture, Roscommon

“Our stock-taking process just didn’t make sense before. Now that we have Rapid Stock, it’s easy, quick, and efficient. All we have to do is press a few buttons, scan, and it’s finished. Being able to see the pre-adjustment report also helps us quickly and easily rectify potential problems. I would recommend it without a doubt.”

Michael Dowling Managing Director – Strahan Timber

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