Since Posude was first started, the LEO Roscommon has been a great support to me. I’ve worked with them several times over the years. When I started creating blog content and picking guests to interview, Enda Cannon from the LEO was a no-brainer. This blog is all about helping other Irish SMEs and the LEO was one of the biggest aids in my business journey.

So who are they?

The LEOs across Ireland have multiple supports available to businesses, from training to mentoring, to funding. They assist businesses at every level, from start-ups to established companies. I sat down with Enda Cannon, of the LEO Roscommon, to chat about the supports that are available.

Let’s get into the details!

  1. Financial Supports

The LEO has a wide range of financial supports available for businesses at all levels. These aim to assist businesses with either establishment or growth. There are a variety of different supports available.

  • Feasibility Study Grants

These are designed to help new and existing businesses research the market demand for their product or service. It also examines the sustainability of that product or service.


  • Priming Grants

These are start-up grants, for businesses that are within the first 18 months of start-up.


  • Business Expansion Grants

This grant is designed to help a business in the their expansion stage, ie. after the first 18 months.


  • Technical Assistance for Micro Exporters

This grant partly funds the costs that can be incurred investigating and researching export markets, e.g. exhibiting at Trade Fairs, preparing marketing material and developing websites specifically targeting overseas markets.


  • New Agile Innovation Fund

With a fast-tracked approval and application process, this fund helps companies develop new products, processes and services. The aim is that investment in Irish innovation will drive global performance.


For more details on these funding opportunities, stay tuned for the rest of our blog series! We’ll delve deeper into each one.

Watch the two-minute clip below to get an introduction to LEO supports.

2. Training Programs

The LEO has training supports available for those currently running a business, as well as those looking to set one up. The different regions may vary in exactly what programs they offer, but overall they fall under a few categories.

  • Start Your Own Business Program

This program provides training for the essential preparation involved in setting up a successful business. It provides you with the skills to assess your business idea, your sustainability, tax, financial planning, funding, legalities, bookkeeping, sales and more!

  • Accelerate Management Development Program

The aim of this program is to provide the owner or manager of the business with the leadership skills and knowledge they need to be successful. These include training in marketing, sales, finance, development and growth.

  • Food Academy Program

This training is specifically for start-up businesses in the food sector industry. It’s a joint venture between the LEO, SuperValu and Board Bia. It provides training on aspects of the industry, as well as assessing where the business can fit into the market.

  • Digital School of Food

This online resource is a completely remote way for food manufacturing businesses to train. It provides information to help guide businesses from start-up to growth and development stage

3. Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is open to both new and existing businesses. It aims to match owners with experienced business practitioners. They then can work together on a strategic one-to-one basis to better the business.

I have taken advantage of this program in the past and found it incredibly helpful. The mentor helped me to identify challenges within the business and potential solutions. One area identified was marketing, the LEO then matched me with a marketing consultant to helped create a marketing strategy for Posude.

Generally, the mentors can help with:

    • Financial planning
    • Innovation
    • Structure
    • Market research
    • Strategy
    • Marketing
    • Promotion
    • Distribution
    • Corporate organisation
    • Website planning & design


The Local Enterprise Office is a fantastic resource for any Irish business. Your local one should be your first port of call. Whether you could benefit from training, mentorship or funding, there’s an option there for you.

Get in touch with them today and see how they can help you! Stay tuned for further details on these supports – the rest of this series will be posted over the next couple of months.