Margin Master

Margin Master helps retailers make incremental gains to their bottom line by identify margin opportunities without impacting on sales.

Improve your margins for increased profits.

Do you have visibility and control on your margins across ALL of your products?

If the answer is no, Margin Master can help you. Margin Master is a retail pricing tool which helps you save time and money.


  • Rounding and pricing strategies - simply set rules for rounding off prices in ways that maximise your profitability on every item sold without losing sales.

  • Increase and Control your Margins - you can now have 100% control and visibility on your margins across ALL products.

  • Increase profit and Improve Cash Flow - allows easy and fast identification of sales velocity, item price thresholds and items that carry a margin lower than what you consider acceptable.

  • Identify stock with no sales for previous 12 months - see what cost is allocated to this stock and design a sales strategy for these products.

  • Hands on Control of Pricing - it has never been easier to apply new price changes and run what-if analysis on the impact to your bottom line before implementing the changes.

  • Seamless integration - to your ERP or accounting system.

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