Integrate Shopify with Intact iQ

Manage your web products, pricing and inventory within Intact. Import your orders back into Intact automatically!

Posude Rapid Shopify App

How it works

Posude Rapid Shopify App

By installing our plug-in, you can manage your entire Shopify shop directly within Intact. It also ensures that orders are imported from Shopify into Intact.

1. Export your information from Intact to Shopify – product names, descriptions, prices, images and inventory.

2. Import your Shopify orders into Intact.

It’s easier, faster, and more efficient – focus on your business instead of spending time on these manual processes!

Watch our demo video below to see exactly how our app works within Intact.

Posude Rapid Shopify App

Benefits include:

  • Export product details from Intact into Shopify in bulk – product names, descriptions, pricing, and product tags.

  • Manage inventory – sync your Shopify store with Intact so your latest inventory is accurate.

  • Import orders – from Shopify, back into Intact.

  • Manage product images – upload images from within Intact, store them locally or on the web, via a supplier website.

  • Manage sales prices – set certain products to go on sale within the store.

  • Send products – to different Shopify stores.

Posude Rapid Shopify App
Posude Rapid Shopify App

What Our Customers are Saying

Posude Rapid Shopify App

Beattys of Loughrea knew that their sales would have to be primarily online when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. They needed an efficient, quick and easy way to manage their products and orders so that the move online wouldn’t slow them down.

We installed our Rapid Shopify Intact plug-in for them so that they could manage their entire product range with just a few clicks – whether that was description, images, quantities or pricing. The orders were synced so that they came automatically through to Intact from Shopify.

Our Happy Clients

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