Posude Rapid Stock App

Faster, more accurate stock taking

Using your mobile device, scan product codes, enter the current stock quantity and quickly move to the next item. Once counting is complete, simply click upload and import your stocktake file into your business system.

Posude Rapid Stock App

Rapid Stock benefits include:

  • Save time – Use specialised mobile devices with quicker infrared scanning.

  • Use offline – There’s no internet required. It’s downloaded to your smartphone, you can scan while out in the yard or warehouse.

  • Adjust stock easily – Scan items and have them automatically added to the stocktake. If you can’t scan a product, it’s no problem, you still have the option to manually enter product and quantity.

  • View stocktake reports – Before importing to your accounting system, you can go onto the Posude web portal to generate and download stocktake reports.

  • Increased capability – Take full stock and cycle counts.

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