Rapid Stock Takes with Intact iQ

With our Rapid Stock app, you can ensure your stock take is quick and efficient.

Scan your products with a mobile device using the app (offline if needed). Once you’re finished, sync your stock take with Intact iQ and generate the stock adjustments. The app keeps track of all stock movement while you’re counting – there is no need to close for the day!

Posude Rapid Shopify App

Benefits include:

  • Use offline – Sync the products to the Rapid Stock app on your mobile device and continue scanning while out in the yard or warehouse. There’s no internet required.

  • Keep track of stock movement easily – You don’t need to close shop while you stock take as Rapid Stock keeps track of stock movements. Anything sold during the stock take will be visible within the pre-adjustment file and will be part of the stock adjustments that are created.

  • Scan easily and quickly – Save time by using mobile devices with quick infrared scanning.

  • Generate stock adjustments in Intact – view your pre-adjustment file with amounts, cost prices etc., to spot any errors or discrepancies. Once you’re satisfied, generate your adjustments within Intact.

Posude Rapid Stock App
Posude Rapid Shopify App

How it works

Posude Rapid Shopify App

Rapid Stock is integrated with your Intact iQ system.

  1. Take a snapshot of your current stock levels.
  2. Complete your stock-take using a mobile device. You can use the app even when offline.
  3. Sync your stock take with Intact iQ. Anything sold in the meantime is all kept track of within Rapid Stock.
  4. Generate a pre-adjustment file to check any stock adjustments needed and spot any errors.
  5. Generate your stock adjustments on Intact.

It’s quick, easy, and detailed so that you can manage your stock levels effectively.

What Our Customers are Saying

Posude Rapid Shopify App

Strahan Timber Builder Providers had to close their shop every time they needed to complete a full stock take. They were using paper stock sheets, which had to be later entered into Excel. It was incredibly time-consuming and any small error could cause a huge mess.

We installed our Rapid Stock Intact iQ plug-in. Now they can scan offline using mobile devices, and upload their whole stock take in a few minutes. Any stock movement is accounted for by the app so they don’t have to close at all. Their entire process is now quick, efficient, and easy.

Posude Rapid Shopify App

Our Happy Clients

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